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Cognitive Dissonance

from by Auckenrose



An impetus that directs toward the abstract.
I’m finding the answers are refracted in questions.

Who then shall I be? Have I no semblance of peace?

Will we allow ourselves to be consumed?
Paralyzed by the fear of the unknown?
Living incongruently with the self.
Disease within our inner locus of control.

You say it’s all in my head… isn’t it all in our heads?

I bend and break to accept all without reciprocation
in constant struggle between misanthrope or humanist.

When will we be free?
Free from the pain we inflict on ourselves?

So, still the water.
Reflect what you wish to be.
Find a center in yourself.
Blind the camera eye.


from PHYSIS, released March 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Auckenrose Bristol, Rhode Island

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